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"Beyond the veil of reality" art contest
Judging Panel 2023


Aris Liatakis is a keen Art collecter and aficionado. Along with his family, he owns and manages the Aris Hotel in Paleochora, which is affectionately known as  “The Art Hotel”.


The outside and interior spaces of the hotel act as an open Gallery exhibiting a variety of handmade Art & Design pieces, all of which have been created by local artists, including Artists from the Liatakis family.


The open gallery is constantly changing, as the older items are sold and newer items are installed. Even the hotel and room interiors have been carefully designed and decorated with beautiful works of Art.


Apart from the art collection, the architecture of the hotel – both the building and lush gardens – compliment the ‘Art’ profile of the establishment.


Born in Vancouver, Canada 1957, Bradley Studied philosophy at the Simon Fraser University and on graduating in 1987, moved to the island of Crete where he lived for five years.

While living in Brussels Bradley began painting and onmoving to London in 1998 first exhibited his work at the Gagliardi Gallery of Kings Road, Chelsea.

His paintings are regularly exhibited in London and can be found in private collections in Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, the United States, Canada...


As Mayor of Kantanos - Selino, Antonios has a wealth of experience in presiding over, as well as appreciating a wide variety of Cultural events and activities both locally and further beyond.


His occupation constantly brings him into contact with the Creative works of local artists, musicians, dancers and local folk events as well as the creative work and activities of local school-children. Annual events in Paleochora include the much loved Carnival and in recent years the Paleochora Art Week.


In joining our judging panel he wishes the very best to all competition entrants and looks forward to reviewing all of the Artworks in the selection process.


As owner of Art Flow Studio Gallery, as well as being an Artist, Claudia is well versed in the appreciation of a wide variety of art forms.

She has been formulating the idea for the Art Flow Competition since September 2017 and is delighted to finally launch the project in co-operation with the Municipality of Kandanos Selinou.

Claudia brings to the panel an obvious love for Art and Artists alike, an eclectic taste, and above all else, a passionate principle in defense of absolute inclusivity in Art which is best described in her statement 'Art is for evreyone, there is no High art and no low art, only Art'


Kevyn joins our Judging Panel as a keen collector and Art aficionado. Schooled in Zimbabwe by a teacher who never tired of telling her class that she was a pupil of Augustus John, it is therefore not surprising that Kevyn grew to love and appreciate Art, in particular traditional African and Ethnic Art.


His collection includes Zimbabwean Soap Stone sculptures as well African carved figurines of African Olive wood and African printed tapestries.

Now that he  is based in Paleochora, his Art collecting has diversified having added Abstract Oil canvases from an Artists co-operative in Chania as well as various pieces from local Paleochora artists.


Vicky is visual artist inspired by the essence of rural surroundings and the interconnectedness of nature. She creates works ranging from drawing, painting and film to photography, installation, voice recording and writing.


Vicky graduated with an MA in Contemporary Art from Oxford Brookes in 2005 and has previously studied in Athens Fine Art, Cinematography and Graphic Design.

She has had a number of collaborations with international artists.and exhibitions and artist residencies in the UK, Greece and Germany.


She is the recipient of the Odysseus Award in videoart as well as Arts Council Awards. She has worked as an art teacher, videographer, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker.



For many years, art has been part of her life, she is not an artist, but she love to look at it, to live with it and to manage exhibitions; in Germany her best friends are artists, they work with  different kinds of art,  in a way  always she  had a background as an art lover.

Since she moved to Crete 2014, she became the art manager of her husband, Gerhard Stelzhammer, a sculptor with many crazy ideas. One of which was

"Paleochora Art Week",  an artistic project that in the end became a reality which she is part of it in the organization team.

Thanks to the vision of Gerhard Stelzhammerand and Kostas Liatakis, also a sculptor, today the "Paleochora Art Week" is an artistic event which aims to bring artists and people together, sharing emotions, talk about art and enjoy time together.

Many tourists and local people today recognize "Paleochora Art Week" as a cultural joyful event where they want to attend and this makes her happy, because it means that the aim was reached.

Honored to be part of the jury panel of this event   ,  she can't wait to see the artists' interpretations of this year.

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